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Walking in Hoek van Holland and surroundings

While walking in Hoek van Holland and surroundings, you can enjoy the lovely views, the smell of the dunes and the sound of the waves and the wind. Strolling through the forests and dunes to the beach and the sea is beautiful and relaxing. Nature walks take you past the characteristic landscapes of Hoek van Holland, like the Roomse and Vineta Dunes, the Hoekse Bosjes forests and the wide beach.
The walk from the centre of Hoek van Holland to the Berghaven over the Koningin Emmaboulevard to the North Pier is highly recommended. The Pier stretches 4,5 kilometres into the sea, the first two kilometres are accessible to hikers and fishermen. From the Pier you can walk along ‘the strip’ to the beach clubs on the beach. To get back to the centre, you can choose the Badweg or head through the dunes and the Hoekse Bosjes. Enjoy the view of the Nieuwe Waterweg and the sea, all in less than two hours.

The ‘Oranjebonnen’ 30, polders between Hoek van Holland, Maassluis and the Westland have recently changed into a green and open area. It is an ideal environment for cyclists, walkers, skaters and horse lovers.

The forests, the dunes, the beach and the sea are ideal for exploring on foot. Below are some of the walking routes available at Tourist Information Hoek van Holland.

Walking Route: Naval Heroes Route
Distance: 3 km (return 6 km)
A walking tour through forest and dunes marked by striking mushrooms and poles with a red tip. A story is written on the mushrooms that reminds us of former seafarers. The route starts at the Tourist Information on the Stationsweg and ends in the dunes overlooking the sea.

Walking Route: Historical Route Hoek van Holland
Distance: 7,5 km
This historical, circular walk takes you through the beautiful village and surroundings of Hoek van Holland. Along the route you will discover various interesting sights like the Fort, the Pier and the Troposcatter. The route starts and ends at the Tourist Information on the Stationsweg.

Walking Route: Vineta
Distance: 8,5 km
This walking route, around the Vineta Dune, is indicated on route panels and poles by a lizard. The tour takes you past beautiful places with unique nature and is interesting for all ages because of the rich war history. The route starts and ends at the Tourist Information on the Stationsweg.

The troposcatter in the Vineta Dune 31 is a former American radio relay station with four large satellite dishes. The channel was used to forward messages from West Germany via the United Kingdom to the United States.

Walking along the Atlantic Wall in South Holland

You can discover the bunkers, trenches and underground passages of the Atlantic Wall defence line on two different walking trails (route 6 and 7), see The routes are in the guide 'Walking along the Atlantic Wall in South Holland'. This guide is for sale (€ 15,25) at the Tourist Information.

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